Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Crochet Braids: Senegalese Twist

Hey guys! I have another crochet braid tutorial for y'all! A couple of disclaimers, first this video is not sponsored and second, ignore the fact that my face doesn't match my neck! I need to switch out my winter foundation for my summer foundation lol. Below, I listed a link to the hair and the usual FAQ's that I get for my hairstyles. Feel free to ask any questions that weren't covered in the comments section. I appreciate all of you that have subscribed and will subscribe. Like the video and be sure to share it with all of your friends!
Click here to watch the tutorial! :)

1. What hair did you use?

I used Freetress Senegalese Twist hair. You can purchase the hair here.

2. How many packs of hair did you use?

I used 6.5 packs of hair for this style, but I wanted a full look.

3. How long did it take to install?

It took about 4 hours to braid my natural hair and put in the crochet braids. It took another 4 hours to put the individual Senegalese twist in my hair. Once I got the hang of the process, it went much faster.

4. How did you seal the ends of the individual twists?

I dipped the ends of the hair in hot water to keep it from unraveling.

5. How long does this style last?

I have never used this hair before, but I will be sure to give an update in 2 - 3 weeks!

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