Saturday, November 1, 2014

The First

This year is flying by, and it's ridiculous. Once you become an adult I feel like time just speeds up. When you're a child, you're just waiting until you can. For example, when you're ten you want to be thirteen. Then you're thirteen and can't wait to be sixteen. And so and so on. Then you're here (21), and life is just accelerating. Only a couple more months until 2015!
Anyway, enough rambling on about time. Today's outfit is really simple, as most of my outfits are. I wore this last week to class. I like dressing up and wearing heels, but sometimes it is just not practical. When I graduate, there will be more dressed up looks, but for now just a jeans and shirt kind of girl (for the most part). Happy November guys, and enjoy the post! :) 

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Blouse/Thrifted [Rue21]
Jeans/Old Navy
Boots/Charlotte Russe

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