Saturday, October 11, 2014

Light Layers

The weather has been up and down lately, so I threw this outfit on so I would be prepared all day long. This jacket kept me warm during the morning chill, but when the temperature rose throughout the day I took it off, and rocked my long sleeve. This shirt isn't to thick or too light, which is perfect for middle of the road temps. This is an Old Navy shirt that I thrifted for $0.99! I love the colors of the strips. They are perfect for the fall. I hope you had a great week guys. 
Enjoy the post!

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Jacket/Thrifted [M.S.S.P]
Shirt/Thrifted [Old Navy]
Jeans/Old Navy
Bag/Old Navy


  1. You look amazing, great blog you got there followed you on g+ and Instagram @icelaw_

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