Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Everywhere Dress

I like to call this particular dress my "everywhere dress". This is a dress that you should have ready for most occasions. For example, I wore this dress to my internship. Since it hits right about knee length it is appropriate to wear in a work setting, but it can be worn in many other places too. This dress is perfect for church, just switch out the sandal for a modest heel. It can be worn for a lunch date by pairing it with a cute nude minimalist high heel and a clutch. You can even wear this to run your errands. Throw on a jean jacket and some cute sneakers or flats and voila, instantly casual. I think an "everywhere dress" is essential in every girl's closet. Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow my social media sites. Just click the buttons on the right side of the blog. Enjoy the post! :)

Dress/Old Navy
Sandals/Old Navy


  1. I love the dress and dainty jewelry. It fits you so well. Just so you know, it's "voila" not "wallah". It's French for roughly "Here/There is/are!"

  2. You are stunning, so thankful you followed me so I could find your blog, I love it! That dress looks wonderful on you!

  3. You look so grown up with that dress, it is super cute! i love the photos, they look good!

    love always,

  4. You seriously always look great! I haven't been very active on blogs but I follow you on instagram and I love every outfit you post!
    I agree that everybody needs a dress that they can just wear everywhere. This one that you show here is so casual but yet so elegant :D

    Ps: Check out my new outfit look on my blog!

  5. Great pics doll! Love ur skirt and you look cute.

    xx Lori

  6. This dress looks perfect on you! Didn't know you can find something great like this from Old Navy! Gorgeous outfit <3
    New Post: Blue Piece
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  7. Very nice dress Dominique and you look so fine. I like it!

  8. Super cute!! and i'm loving your hair!


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