Monday, June 9, 2014

Coral & Turquoise

These sandals have a lot mileage on them lol. I wear them in plenty of blog posts because they go with so many things, but the soles are starting to talk to me. So I think that i am in the market for some new sandals. There are a few that I have been eyeing and I may end up getting a couple. Its actually been a little while since I bought a new pair of sandals, and I want a good quality pair but for an affordable price. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below. 
I am looking forward to having a very eventful week. I started my internship today and so far so good. Thank you to everyone who wished me luck, i truly appreciate it. Style and clothes are my passion, but a degree never hurt no body lol. Internships are good way to get real world experience so you're not in complete culture shock when you graduate and ARE in the "real world". I hope you had a great Monday. 
Enjoy the post! :)

Nexklace/Jewelry Galore


  1. Some people don't like mixing colors like this, but I love it! I've been into long necklaces lately!

  2. I love how soft the colors are. Two perfect spring/summer colors. Nice look!

  3. The coral is gorgy.

  4. Glad your internship is going well, so true a degree never hurt nobody. Lol at the soles of your sandal are talking to you. Very cute outfit, love the asymmetrical skirt and the pop of colour with the necklace.

  5. I love the turquoise necklace against the coral skirt. This feels so fresh for summer :)

  6. Beautiful look! I love your necklace!

  7. This is super cute! Beautiful mix of soft hues <3

    - Anna


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