Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pop of Color

I'm not a trend kind of girl, but when I was going through my closet today all I could see was black. So I decided to try a monochromatic look. I think black is the easiest color to do this trend with. I still wanted some color though, so i added this mint scarf. I love the way it came out. It's just very modern and chic to me. Anyway, tell me what you think and enjoy the post! :)

- Dress (Forever21)
- Blazer (H&M)
- Leggings (Forver21)
- Purse (Ross)
- Scarf (Fred Meyer)
- Heels (Wetseal)
- Sunglasses (Still don't know)


  1. I love the look

  2. Beautiful outfit. And I love your hair!

  3. Just came across your blog and i love your style. Love your hair and lip colour should try modelling :) ~ Joyce


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