Thursday, March 14, 2013


Yesterday is was sunny and warm as ever, today it is freezing! This Nashville weather is so unpredictable. Which is really unfortunate because I did some recent shopping for the spring weather, and it seems like its never going to come. So I decided to wear my only pair of Nikes and these leopard print skinny jeans together. This is a different look for me, if I wear a print its usually floral, but sometimes you've got to experiment. That's one of the main reasons I love fashion, its very experimental. I never want to feel like I'm confined to one "style", my style is whatever I feel like wearing.
P.S This post was meant for yesterday but I was a little lazy :p

Blazer (thrifted); Jeans (thrifted), Nike 6.0 (Famous Footwear); Necklace (forever21); Clutch (gift from my sister!)


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