Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunshine and Tea

It's raining today unfortunately, so I decided to post some pictures I took yesterday while in the park. I like walking, especially with my boyfriend. We do it regularly. Since it's been chilly lately we always go to Starbucks for coffee or Panera for tea; yesterday we got tea. The feeling of a hot cup of tea while a chill breeze blows over your body is soothing to me. After, I went thrifting at this place called Southern Thrift. I got some really cool finds that will hopefully be up in future blog posts. Anyways enjoy the post, hopefully your day is more sunny than mine.

 Sweater (thrifted), leggings (forever21), Purse (Claire's), Scarf (H&M), Boots (R2), Hair Bow (made myself).

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